Manual vs. Electric Toothbrushes Queen Creek 85142

The polls have closed, the ballots are in, and the numbers are crunched!

… Okay, there were no polls or ballots, but the experts have chimed their experiential bells. How do you know if you should keep it old school with manual brushing, or step into the era of technology and adopt an electric way of dental hygiene? Well, Dr. John Ictech-Cassis, DDS, DMD, clinical associate professor at the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine offers insight to that question. As most of us know, but Dr. Ictech-Cassis reminds, the purpose of a toothbrush is to remove plaque from our teeth and keep the gums stimulate; which they can do if the operator knows how to use it.

Team Manual’s scoreboard:

- Friends with our wallets and convenience: Manual toothbrushes are not only easy to find, but many dentists even give them away! Bottom line: they’re there when you need them, and they aren’t tough on the wallet.

- Less strenuous on the teeth and gums: The manual aspect allows you to have more control and be able to feel how much pressure your putting on your teeth and gums; while an electric toothbrush diminishes that same control. According to Dr. Ictich-Cassis, brushing with too much pressure can have adverse effects – wearing away tooth enamel, causing pain, heightening unwanted sensitivity and inciting tooth decay. All bad!

- Ready for the road at any time: Manual toothbrushes are the perfect road trip buddy! They’re easy to take with you whenever you travel, which Dr. Ictich-Cassis says increases the likelihood of you maintaining your superb dental cleaning habits.

- Kid-friendly: Well, kids can use them safely and actually get the job done… Because they’re friendly and easy to use.

Team Electric’s scoreboard:

- Caters well to specific needs: Dr. Ictich-Cassis says they he and his team recommend electric toothbrushes for people who can’t fully utilize a manual brush. Some examples are older people; people with something like arthritis; or people with limited mobility in their shoulders, hands or arms. The electric toothbrush makes up in efficiency what some people are unable to achieve with a manual brush.

- Multi-faceted features: You want a pink handle with a yellow brush head? You got it. How about a sensor that indicates you’re putting a bit too much pressure? Done! Wait, you want a specific bristle configuration that’s been proven to remove more plaque – maybe something referred to as rotating-oscillation? No way… Just kidding, BOOM! All yours. The electric toothbrush gives you options for personalization and switching things up on a more consistent basis.

So, there you go folks! When you’re out searching for a new toothbrush (*cough* every three months or when the bristles get soft *nudge*), keep these tips in mind so that you’re doing your teeth and gums a solid, and keeping that smile shining!

Manual vs. Electric Toothbrushes Queen Creek 85142

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