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Post and Buildup ~ Are They Needed?

Not many know the importance or necessity or the lack of need for post or buildup. This is because, different dentists have different opinions and hearing contrasting opinions can leave laymen confused. There are three important things one must consider – restoration done, strength of the tooth structure and area of restoration. These three factors play a key role in any decision taken post a tooth restoration procedure.

For example: A tooth restoration is done for one of the molars. If the restoration covers a larger area or if the tooth isn’t strong enough, the chances of leakage or further damage due to a fracture is high. This is because, the tooth cannot support itself adequately due to lack of strength or restoration. In such scenarios, post (root, more like a pillar) and buildup (replacement of damaged tooth structure with a suitable composite) may be recommended to make sure the restoration stands the test of time!  If the restoration area is lesser, neither a post (support) nor buildup (restoration of damaged tooth structure) is suggested. However, in cases where the restoration area is larger and the root needs additional support to hold down the structure, post and buildup are recommended. At times, the adjacent tooth and strength is also taken into consideration before suggesting post and buildup, after a dental restoration procedure. 

Most popular materials for post and buildup include composite (for both, post and buildup), and zirconium and carbon posts are recommended. These resemble that of dentin in behavior, a reason why they’re top choices.

Tooth Restoration Queen Creek Az

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