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“How to whiten my teeth?” Millions of people have been asking this question for a long time. Teeth discoloration is not always because of poor dental hygiene, certain foods and drinks or smoking can stain the teeth. If you want to get a whiter set of teeth and a more dazzling smile then these OTC products may just do the trick.

  1. Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpastes are everywhere and there are many brands available right now. You can find them in most convenience stores and almost all supermarkets. Whitening toothpastes typically clean surface stains, but there are advanced whitening toothpastes that contain chemical agents that can whiten your teeth more effectively.

  1. Whitening Gel

These gels are clear and contain peroxide, which is a mild bleach. You use whitening gels pretty much like toothpaste; place a small amount on your toothbrush and use it to brush your teeth.

  1. Whitening Mouthwash

Some newly released mouthwashes contain a double action formula that whitens and strengthens the teeth. These products contain adequate amounts of both peroxide and fluoride.

  1. Bleaching Agents

Dental bleaching is a common procedure people use to obtain whiter teeth. Bleaching agents all contain peroxide but they might differ in concentration. Since stronger and harsher chemicals are involved in bleaching, it is advisable that you let your dentist do this for you. There are some milder bleaching agents that you can use at home, but they are not as effective.

  1. Whitening Trays

You can buy whitening dental trays online or over-the-counter. To use whitening trays, you place a prescribed amount of whitening agent into the trays and then wear them over your teeth for a set amount of time.

While these methods are effective, proper dental hygiene should still be observed for the optimum efficacy of these products.

Teeth Whitening Queen Creek, AZ 85142

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