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Dental SealantsIf the Dentist recommended dental sealants it’s important to understandwhat exactly they are, why this treatment is needed and what the functionis. A common reason a dentist would recommend this treatment is becauseteeth can have deep groves that make it easy for food to get in and causepossible decay.  These deep groves are too deep for a toothbrush to reach.One big misconception with sealants is that they prevent cavities, this isnot true.A dental Sealant is an acting barrier to help the tooth brush work moreeffectively.  The procedure is simple and doesn’t require a localanesthetic.  The sealant it’s self is a plastic resin, like what you wouldget if you had filling done. Once placed onto tooth it gets hardened witha special light. See the video below for a another look at the procedure,.Dental Sealants Video