San Tan Valley, AZ 85140 Excuses for Not Visiting Your Dentist

We can all come up with several reasons not to go and visit our dentist.  Here are a few common ones.



Time and money available at the same time


There are many dentists who will work with their patients on cost issues, and many also accept Care Credit.  Some, like Dr. Tim Hill in San Tan Valley, have late hours as well as Saturday appointments and are willing to let their patients make payments on treatment.

Dr. Hill takes his time to make sure you are comfortable with your treatment.  As a DMD, he can prescribe antianxiety medications. Another suggestion to help lesson anxiety during a dental procedure, is to bring an IPOD with headphones, get comfortable with a blanket and some laughing gas, and let your mind focus on something else. Here is a link to a dental phobia website: Fear of the dentist is extremely common.

Most dentists have seen just about everything that can go wrong with someone's teeth.  The dentist is here to help you have healthy teeth which contributes to your over all health. Visiting the dentist should be a comfortable experience. Finding one hour of time every six months is worth the benefits you will reap from seeing your dentist twice each year.