San Tan Valley, AZ 85140 Considering Teeth Whitening?

Considering Teeth Whitening?

It’s important to understand that whitening your teeth doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy and bleaching will not cover any cavities. This course of treatment is purely cosmetic; therefore most insurance companies do not cover any type of bleaching or teeth whitening.  If you have any questions about this and if insurance will cover it, we recommend calling your insurance.

Before considering any whitening treatments, it’s highly recommended that you get a complete oral exam with your dentist. Taking care of any cavities, crowns, and/or gum problems is a must to keeping your smile healthy first and then sparkling white second. Bleaching teeth won’t make of those problems go away and if you are having problems with sensitive gums the bleaching agent can irritate them even more. So always talk with your dentist first.

Now we should look at why people want to whiten their teeth…whiter smile and stains. Stains can come from a variety of different things we eat, drink, tobacco use, certain medications and even water can. Foods like berries, cola’s, soy sauce, coffee and water.  Now don’t panic only water with very high concentrations of fluoride can cause brownish stains.  Acidic foods and drinks can also lead to staining; these types of foods break down the enamel on teeth and thus making them more prone to staining.

Like with anything you cosmetically it’s important to look at all options, side effects and best possible outcomes.  Contacting your dentist is the best starting place, and doing online research is helpful too. Below are some links that can help and as always if you have any questions give us a call.


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