Food for Healthy Teeth Queen Creek 85142

Food for Healthy Teeth Queen Creek 85142


“Don’t drink that battery acid masked as diet soda,” they say. “Stay away from that candy that sticks to your teeth like glue,” they exclaim. Well, jeez, what can we eat!? It just so happens, since we’re on the topic, there are foods that promote positive dental health. Hooray!


Ellie Phillips, DDS, a founding member of the nonprofit American Academy for Oral Systemic Health and author of “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye,” kicks off the list with milk. Even though milk is one of the diet’s main sources of sugar, Dr. Phillips explains, the sugar is lactose, which is the least damaging type of sugar for the teeth. Further, studies show that milk actually protects teeth of damage. But STOP! Milk is your friend during the day, not at night. You don’t want milk, or any other sweet drinks, hanging out on your teeth while you sleep; so brush on up, and head to bed.


Similarly, cheese also made the list. It has a similar make-up of milk, and helps make the mouth less acidic, while raising calcium levels surrounding the teeth, which are all good things. Dr. Phillips alludes to a study with Dutch Edam cheese, with a sample of children from age 7 to 9, which showed that those children who at a 5-gram cube of that cheese after breakfast – every day – had noticeably fewer cavities than children who did not. Cheese with bacterial elements, such as probiotic benefits, should be on the top of your list (i.e. blue cheese, Brie, etc.). Oh, and, psst… All you adults who enjoy a glass of wine or a nice IPA, they’re not the best for your teeth, so try to pair them with a cheese for that extra protection.


Some more healthy foods for happy teeth are: crunchy fruits and veggies as they promote the flow of saliva, which helps control bad bacteria; yogurt for the purpose to repopulating your mouth with good bacteria; raisins for their high fiber content and antibacterial action against plaque; and shiitake mushrooms for their ability to re-mineralize the teeth and shooing away harmful acid.


Alas, with the good, there is always the bad… To start, seriously about the diet soda, just don’t do it. It’s legitimately close to battery acid as far as acidity is concerned. Another one to be weary of are lemons and other citrus fruits, as they can yank minerals right out of your teeth. Yikes!


But that’s enough of this negativity. This is about the good! There are foods out there that fulfill the old adage: happy teeth, happy life. Happy eating, friends!


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