Extractions vs Root Canal Therapy San Tan Valley, AZ 85140

Root Canal Vs Extraction

When considering treatment options for a tooth that is causing pain,Doctor Hill will look at the restorability of the tooth, how easy thefinal tooth restoration will be to maintain, and risk of further infectionafter treatment is provided.A Root Canal is the best solution when the tooth is restorable and crownis easy to maintain and the infection is able to be treated reliably. Ifthe tooth is restorable but crown is not easy to maintain because thecavity is deep below the gum line, this might be a time to startconsidering an extraction and implant. If the infection is too extensiveand root canal treatment is prone to failure again the extraction andfuture implant would again be an option.  If the tooth is un-restorable,an extraction is necessary, with a implant or bridge to help prevent teethfrom shifting.Our office’s goal is to get your oral health to it’s best and maintain itwith regular dental check-ups and home care.