Do Pacifiers Hurt My Babies Teeth Queen Creek AZ 85142

Are Pacifiers a Problem For My Baby's Teeth

Sucking anything and everything is a very natural reflex for babies.  They actually develop this while still in the womb---I've even seen ultrasounds of babies sucking on their hands, thumbs, fingers, and even umbilical cords!  My nephew came out with the biggest hickey right around his wrist area from sucking on it while in the womb.  It's comforting to them......I'm not sure why that is, but hey.....learning to suck on something can stop them from crying......and I'm okay with that!  

But can sucking be a bad thing?  What about Pacifiers......or binky's, that's what we call them in my household.  Typically the first year or two sucking habits will not be a problem for your child.  Most likely the sucking will not cause any damage to the teeth.  But frequent and long term sucking can cause serious problems.  

The most crucial time that this habit can bring damage to the mouth/teeth is when and after the baby teeth start falling out.  Sucking on a bottle/thumb/breast/finger long term can cause the top teeth to slant out and the bottom teeth to tilt in.  It also can cause the upper and lower jaw to be misaligned causing severe over bites and under bites.  The roof of the mouth can also tend to be narrower side to side from long term sucking.  

Consider these things if your child uses a pacifier or you plan to offer one to your unborn baby:

First, safety should be the top priority.  By pacifiers that are one solid piece.  You don't want to put anything in the mouth that could come apart, causing the child to choke or swallow a smaller piece.  

Never, ever, EVER (as tempting as it may be with a screaming baby) fasten a pacifier onto a string or necklace and put it around the neck of the baby.....or face of the baby.  Believe it or not, several years ago on social media, I saw a picture of someone who was SO proud the their invention.......basically a headband looped through the binky on both sides, strapped to their baby's head.  No big deal you say?  What if the baby spits up and starts choking?  It can't spit the pacifier out.........Please if you ever seen anyone do this, stop them....and if need be, call an authority figure.  

Now.....the old wives tales......."oh just dip that binky is some honey/syrup/etc to get them to take it easier".......DO NOT DO THIS!  For one......there is allergies to consider!  For two......those products contain sugar!  This habit can bring unnecessary sugar and carbohydrates to the mouth, causing and putting your child at risk for tooth decay.  Do Pacifiers Hurt My Babies Teeth Queen Creek AZ 85142

Child getting to old to still be taking a pacifier?  Use positive reinforcement to encourage your child to give up the binky.  Or do what I did.........I lost it!  Then.....I made sure to loose all the others that were hidden around the house!  Do Pacifiers Hurt My Babies Teeth Queen Creek AZ 85142

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