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Dental Insurance 101


If you are like the many consumers out there, you may find dental insurance frustrating and very confusing.  We invision it working a certain way in our mind, but in reality, it doesn’t usually work that way and is not set up to work that way.  Usually the word “insurance” means protection in our minds, so we purchase the insurance to protect ourselves against any unforeseen, large expenses. 

A great example, is if we suffer a car crash, a house fire, or a broken leg, our insurance policy will help make us whole again.  So it is very understandable that the same would be expected of dental insurance. 


The truth is dental insurance is not designed to protect anyone from any unforeseen expenses.  It really is just like a discount coupon.  Unlike car accidents or fires that happen unexpectedly, dental health is usually predictable over time.  If you take care of your teeth, they will take care of you. 


Because tooth issues are usually predictable, most dental insurance companies know what their claims will be and sell plans to employers that fit their needs. 


Fee-for-service plans are typically the most common form on dental insurance.  In this plan, you will choose the dentist and the insurance company will pick up part (or sometimes all) of the bill based on a fee schedule detailed in the policy.  The insurance company will charge your employer a premium for each individual employee.  This will cover their dental needs, with them predicting that only a certain percentage of employees will need it or use the care. Best Dental Insurance Queen Creek AZ 85142


Now these premiums are based solely on the type of coverage chosen by your employer.  Usually the more the insurance company will cover, the higher you can expect the premium will be.  Now, the dentist can charge whatever they want for a procedure…….so the insurance company will usually only cover what they deem UCR (usual, customary, and reasonable).  So depending on what the dentist charges, sometimes it can leave you having to pay a larger portion of the bill then you may have expected. Best Dental Insurance Queen Creek AZ 85142

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